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A voice that can touch your heart and tease a smile—all at the same time. Lisa Lester has always known how to hit the high notes, even when life tried to bring her down.

Her star is rising with the aptly-named I Have Arrived, a country-rock offering she recorded in Nashville with producer Mark Oliverius. 

The sense of overcoming the odds certainly resonates in the title track “I have arrived”, but the next song, “359 degrees”, brings out Lisa’s playful side, backed up by a driving beat. Meanwhile, the swooping vocals of “How Long Have I Been Sleeping” show off both her range and smooth styling. The selection is capped by “One World”, a song she wrote with Mark Oliverius and, the finale, “When It’s Love”, a deeply touching celebration of love.

My Music

The Miraculous Journey of Lisa


“Lisa is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Winnipeg, loaded with talent and best known for her album I Have Arrived, recorded in Nashville. She is also is a wonderful storyteller who asked for my help in putting her words to paper.

And what a story Lisa has to tell.” – Sandi Krawchenko Altner, Author.

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